UPA Values & Philosophy of Care

The United Protestant Association, (UPA) is a Christian organisation that aims to provide quality service and care. We believe that every person that we care for has the right to live in peace with dignity, respect and security. That right does not diminish, irrespective of age. We welcome people from all religious and cultural backgrounds. We convey compassion, kindness, respect and honesty in our work. Our staff and volunteers encourage and empower those we care for to choose their own path. Mindful of how we ourselves would like to be treated, we aim to provide a caring atmosphere of Christian love and understanding.

When we have failed to live up to our Mission, Values or Philosophy of Care we will seek to make amends.

Philosophy of Care

UPA Values

The UPA currently has over 1200 staff and 600 Volunteers who provide care and support for 1570 Residents and 5130 Clients.  Our Staff and Volunteers uphold our mission on a daily basis by providing “Care of the highest possible standard consistent with society’s expectation and Christian commitment and in so doing convey the UPA Values of






The lives of those in our care are helped by the work of our Staff and Volunteers

UPA Mission

Our work depends upon all of us involved holding true to our Mission and Values and Philosophy of Care. We must bring skill and dedication and discipline as well, but it is our shared values that make the difference. Underpinning these values is our Christian heritage and faith. UPA takes a simple approach – where a helping hand and love are present, God is there. We acknowledge many blessings every day with gratitude.