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Any person may become a member of a UPA Region:
That person must subscribe to the objectives of the UPA.
Make payment of an Annual Subscription.
Be accepted by the resolution of the Board or Regional Executive.

The Objectives of the UPA
To promote care based on Christian principles demonstrating the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.
To offer within a Christian environment, services and facilities for people in need, including aged and or disabled people, disadvantaged children, young people and families.
To offer care of the highest possible standard, consistent with the UPA’s Christian commitment acknowledging the demands and expectations of society and government at all levels, without regard to gender, marital status, ethnic status, or religion.

We thank you for your interest in applying for membership as this reflects a commitment to the work of the UPA.

Your signature on the application form indicates that you subscribe to the objects of UPA and agree to be bound by the Constitution of the United Protestant Association, UPA’s Code of Conduct, and UPA Policies and Procedures.



To apply for membership or to read the UPA Constitution, please click a link below:
Application for Membership 2018
UPA Constitution 2018 

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