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Youth Care UPA is a program managed by UPA Far North Coast. (

Our program provides safe, secure and caring alternate living arrangements for children and young people who cannot live with their natural families.

It is our mission to provide an effective out of home care program, which empowers children and young people, and creates opportunities for their future to enhance their quality of life.

This will be achieved in collaboration with the young person, their family and any other relevant person.

Many children and young people, through no fault of their own, are unable to live with their natural families.

How can you help?

It takes a big heart and lots of resilience to care for a young person and Carers are needed more than ever..

Youth Care UPA are recruiting potential Foster Carers from all walks of life. Carers can be families, singles, same-sex couples of either gender or retirees. Great Foster Carers come from a variety of different lifestyles and backgrounds.

Youth Care UPA are looking for people who are dedicated, resilient, open-minded and have a great sense of humour. They must also have a good set of self-care skills.

What kinds of care are there?
Foster Care is provided in a lot of different ways. There are:
•    Crisis care
•    Respite care
•    Short term care
•    Long term care
•    Kinship care
•    Guardianship
•    Adoption

We are looking for people to provide any or all of these different types of care.

What can you expect?
Being a Foster Carer can at times be
 very challenging, however, there are
 also amazing rewards which can be experienced at the same time. When these children and young people are in need of guidance and support and a carer can provide this, it has a huge impact on a child or young person’s life.

Carers also make a significant difference to the lives of their foster children by providing them with a stable caring environment in which to live and thrive.

What support is provided?
Carers are provided with a non-taxable care allowance for looking after a foster child 
or children. This allowance is to support you covering expenses of caring for these children or young people.

Understanding that at times being a carer can be very challenging, we provide an on-call service for you 24/7 each day of the year.

Each carer is provided with Shared Stories, Shared Lives Foster Carer Training. We also provide ongoing training opportunities throughout the year.

Youth Care UPA provides services throughout Northern New South Wales.

Help us help kids realize their dreams.

Telephone: 02 6620 4400
PO Box 10
Shop 9, Level 2, 75 Main Street
Alstonville, NSW 2477

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