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Day Clubs

Care_Options_Image2Day Club Care Programs offer ageing people the chance to get together to share in activities and social gatherings.

Our caring Day Club staff and volunteers are well-equipped to support the needs of ageing people, some of whom may be experiencing loneliness or have disabilities that make it more difficult for them to connect with their surrounding communities.
Exercise classes, chances to eat out, opportunities to take part in information days or tours, or to have a context in which to share skills and experience with one another are just some of the ways people can gain support from being involved in our Day Care Programs.

UPA has a Day Club at the following locations:


Amaroo Day Club – Murray Vale Dementia Day Care

The Amaroo Day Club is a day respite program catering for people with dementia. The purpose of the Amaroo Day Club is to support carers of people with dementia by providing a respite service. The Day Club has been operating since 1987 and is funded by the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP).

The Amaroo Day Club strives to provide a wide variety of flexible activities which encourage participation, mental stimulation, and the maintenance of physical abilities in a social setting. Also being responsive to the social, cultural, and physical needs of the clients.

Activities include: craft, outings, entertainment, word games and quizzes.

Please note: Prior diagnosis of Dementia is required.

For more information phone: (02) 6025 1776.

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