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Retirement Villages

The UPA have a total of 620 independent living units, villas and apartments where residents can live as they did in their own homes but can escape from the demands of house and garden maintenance associated with a large home. Residents can enjoy a range of added benefits such as travel whenever they like for as long as they like, knowing their property is cared for by up to date security systems.

UPA villages offer regular social activities, 24 hour emergency call systems, home and garden maintenance all in a supportive and caring environment. Communal facilities are also a common feature in UPA’s retirement villages where residents, their families and friends can enjoy a wide variety of services and amenities. Depending on the village, these can include a library, barbeque area, cafes and internet rooms.

For the residents enjoyment and relaxation there are hairdressers, wellness rooms, chapels, pastoral support and private lounge or garden areas where they can relax and enjoy total peace and solitude if they desire. In some cases, our villages are co-located with an aged care centre allowing Ageing in Place for its residents.

Each UPA retirement village offers different styles of accommodation and amenities as well as different policies regarding pets, visitors, parking etc.  For information regarding a UPA Retirement Village, please refer to the links below.

Note: You may have to pay a Departure Fee when you leave a UPA village.

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