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Respite Care Worker in Alstonville shaves her head and raises $2490 for Leukaemia Foundation

It takes a special kind of person to work with the sick, elderly, disabled and their carers. You need an extra dose of compassion to work with the people who rely on you every day. To then put your hand up to shave your head to raise money for blood cancer, must mean you truly have a beautiful soul.

On March 14th at 1pm Amanda Sulter, from the Far North Coast (FNC) Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centre, auspiced by UPA, * decided she would help beat leukaemia by participating in Shave for a Cure.

Blood cancer claims more lives than breast cancer or melanoma. And today another 35 people will be given the devastating news they have leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or another blood disorder.

Amanda admitted to ‘finally brushing up on a commitment’ she made a couple of years back to get involved.

“I am doing this in honour of a lovely friend, John who passed away from Hodgkinson’s Lymphoma. He was a generous and gentle soul and as no doubt many people will say, it seemed unfair that we lost him so soon in life.“

Amanda wanted to raise $2000 and set up an online fundraising page via the World’s Greatest Shave where she told people  “This is in memory of a very special person who’s songs I find myself humming at random times of the day…every little bit will help and I would love to kick my goal target out of the park!”

People not only engaged with her by donating their money but also offered their support with comments on the page including:


…“Amanda what a generous gift you give in doing this – thanks from everyone who has been touched by cancer in some way”…

…“I’m envious Amanda – your hair will grow back. Good on you”…

…“Wish I was that brave – you will still be gorgeous”…

…“You’re such a beautiful and kind person for being so brave in shaving your locks off for a wonderful charity”…

“The more people I have engaged with around my fundraising, the more I realise just how many people the scourge of cancers touch”, Amanda said.

On the day of the ‘Great Shave’ at the Centre, Sonia Venn from Sonia Venn Hairdresser (Main Street Alstonville), donated her time and expertise to supervise the event.

FNC Centre employees noted how she took time with the process – treating Amanda’s hair with respect so that she ended up with a stylish look and the hair could also be donated to and utilised by cancer patients.

UPA Regional Accountant Kevin Keevers happened to be on site at the time and wasted no time getting on board with the event! He challenged the rest of the staff to donate extra funds to the event if he allowed them to colour his hair. Regional Manager Whenua Morton and some of her team members had (way too much) fun with that task!

With a little last minute help from Kevin, Amanda successfully raised $2490 for the Leukaemia Foundation.

If you see these colourful hairdos around town, be sure to give them a pat on the back not only for their selfless efforts, but coming together as a community for a very worthy cause.

*The Far North Coast Centre Commonwealth Respite & Carelink is funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS) and auspiced by UPA NSW Ltd – North Coast.

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